Lifestyle & Industrial Multifunctional Protective Coating For All Surfaces


Ceramic Pro is designed as an industrial multi-functional protective coating for all surfaces. Its complex composition creates a permanent, rigid, flexible glass shield ensuring maximum  durability and strength.  Ceramic Pro Strong is the product within the range used for all heavy industry applications. It can be described as an additional protective layer, with maximum hardness and self-cleaning properties.


Ceramic Pro’s nano-ceramic coatings for use in home, industrial & lifestyle applications offer the same ground-breaking performance and experience for just about every industry on the planet. Never before has such a modern and high-performing ceramic coating been available to work across multiple industries.

With Ceramic Pro, companies can apply the same level of protection and surface slickness you’ve come to expect for automotive paint, on a plethora of other surfaces.

These surfaces include materials like glass on the side of buildings or inside stores. Surfaces like marble countertops can be kept clean and stain-free with less effort. Wood can be sealed and protected from UV rays and humidity.

The list of surfaces that can be coated with Ceramic Pro is literally endless. Finally, there is a coating that offers permanent protection and unparalleled slickness for any industry imaginable.



Ceramic Pro Strong is built on highly advanced nanotechnology effective on all industrial surfaces. When cured the composition forms a strong and durable barrier, resistant to solvents, acids, alkalis, UV rays, harsh weather conditions and corrosion.


The coating will protect the surface of pipelines, steel structures, rims, marine vessels, facades, windows, airplanes, oil rigs, public transportation, building materials and road signs. The longevity of the surfaces prone to exposure will increase dramatically with Ceramic Pro Strong.


With Strong, the coated surface repels dirt, mud or other contaminants keeping the surface intact without aging. Costly maintenance of any industrial properties will be required less frequent, making Strong a valuable investment to any business within the heavy industry.

Some Examples Of Surfaces We Protect

Windows & Facades

Once cured, the coating provides protection from temperatures ranging from -50 to 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit. No other coating on the market provides this level of temperature resilience.


Ceramic Pro on treated marble gets glossy and very liquid repellent. Once applied it protects the surface from all sorts of stains, scratches and at the same time allows the stone to breath. There is no need for waxes or sealants once the product is applied.


Strong can be applied to most wood surfaces. It can be used instead of oils, stains and sealants. The coating prevents UV rays and water from damaging the surface. Not just that, but the durability is extensive.

Anti Graffiti

Train cars and wall paintings are targets for graffiti painters around the world. With a Ceramic Pro protective coating, graffiti paint will not bond to the surface and can be removed with a simple pressure wash. On train cars the coating also protects against brake spark burn marks.

Trucks & Excavators

The coating on these vehicles protects the exterior from all sorts of abuse and lowers maintenance costs substantially. Trucks become easy to clean as it prevents the material from sticking to the exterior.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is not always stainless. Our coating bonds to stainless steel and gives it additional protection and gloss when needed.


Ceramic Pro protects the aircraft from the extreme climates and contaminates. With multiple layers and the right maintenance Ceramic Pro will prevent rain erosion, sky drawl and icing. Once applied it will also reduce drag which saves fuel.



Ceramic pro is used to lower maintenance costs and protect all types of pipelines from corrosion. The surface gets so slick that dirt, oil and debris does not stick. This dramatically reduces maintenance cost.



Ceramic Pro coatings are very useful for textiles and fabrics. Some examples include the waterproofing and stain protection of awnings and tents for outdoor purposes. The coating is also useful for backpacks, harsh weather clothing and industrial safety equipment.

Application Heavy Industry

Strong can be applied with air guns, brushes or sponges. When working on surfaces where gloss is a factor, a wipe off procedure can be used to remove residue and avoid spots and streaks.


Lifestyle Products

Ceramic pro when applied on Leather shoes, wallets, handbags, belts, sofas & other luxury good etc will increase its durability and improves the shine. Corrosion and rust prone metal based objects like Copper/Brass idols, plates and utensils can be protected with ceramic pro and made resistant to corrosion and rusting.

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