Ceramic Pro Strong - Ceramic Pro India


  • Permanent coating – permanent protection
  • Easy-to-clean surface enabled
  • Anti-graffiti & Anti-fingerprint effects
  • Thermal resistance up to 1200C
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • UV resistance
  • Advanced chemical resistance
  • Oxidation and corrosion resistance
  • Non-flammable after cured
  • Ambient temperature insulation
  • Fluorine-free
  • Low VOC

Ceramic Pro Strong is the latest technology from NANOSHINE GROUP which is a 9H glass coating with a 3D matrix structure. While in container Ceramic Pro Strong is clear and transparent like water turning into a rigid film like glass protecting the surface permanently once applied. By using the 3D matrix technology Ceramic Pro Strong 9H glass coating can offer excellent scratch resistance and permanent bonding to the surface.

Ceramic Pro Strong creates an effective barrier by chemically binding to the surface which provides an easy-to-clean effect and protects from water, dirt, grease and other stains. Protected material can be cleaned numerous times without having to reapply the solution. Ceramic Pro Strong is resistant to solvents, acids, bases and chemicals; it is applied as a one compound coating and no mixing with other materials is required. Tack-free after 2 hours at room temperature and fully polymerized within 5-7 days.

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