It’s not every day that a brand defines an industry. Such is the case with Ceramic Pro, a global leader in nanoceramic surface protection technology. Ceramic Pro is a household name in the paint protection world. And we’ve worked hard over the years to provide our valued clients with superior solutions to keep their equipment protected.

Whether it’s our flagship 9H coating, introducing the world’s first instant healing paint protection film (KAVACA), or serving the industrial and marine industry with custom ceramic coats, the Ceramic Pro brand is synonymous with quality in every aspect of our business.

So, let’s introduce you to the company, brand, products, and customer service standards that have helped to elevate a clever business concept to a global leader in surface protection.

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Who is Ceramic Pro?

Since 2010, Ceramic Pro has strived to create revolutionary surface protective products that serve multiple industries, both commercial and consumer. The brand was introduced by Nanoshine Ltd in 2010 and featured a line-up of professional-grade produces serving aerospace, marine, and automotive industries.

Using cutting-edge technology that infused ceramic molecular compounds or nanoceramics suited for plastics, rubber, leather, fabric, glass, paint, alloy, and more. This patented formulation took 10 years of research and development and is continually enhanced and optimized to better serve our customers growing needs.

In 2019, we launched KAVACA – the world’s first Instant Healing Paint Protection Film. This revolutionary PPF is stronger, more durable, easier to apply, and exhibits phenomenal anti-yellowing and hydrophobic properties.

Ceramic Pro Americas is the exclusive distributor of Nanoshine Ltd or Ceramic Pro products in North and South America. Our network of more than 3,000 authorized auto spas and installation centers prepare vehicles, apply our ceramic coats, paint protection film, and other products.

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What is Ceramic Pro 9H

There are many ceramic coats on the market today – but none of them stand up to the quality, effectiveness, and superiority of Ceramic Pro 9H. This is our flagship service offering, a nanoceramic coating that is comprised of SiO2, TiO2, and a proprietary blend of solvents that provide 9H hardness based on the pencil scale of measuring graphite.

Essentially, it’s an invisible shield of protection that can be applied to your car’s paint, carbon fiber, vinyl, paint protection film, glass, wheels, chrome, alloy, fiberglass, and more. Unlike other generic formulations,  9H offers customized solutions for different material types, and consumer or industrial grade applications.

A major reason why this 9H nano coating is an exceptional option for cars is it’s ability to layer on top of each application. Most nanoceramic coatings are engineered for easier application – such as the growing line of DIY ceramic coats on the market.

While they contain SiO2 percentages close to pro-grade options, they reduce the percentage and strength of application solvents. It’s these solvents and nanoceramic technology infused in the Ceramic Pro 9H formulation that allow it to penetrate microscopic imperfections found on a porous surface, cure exceptionally flat on top of the finish, and layer on top of the initial ceramic coat.

With every layer of 9H ceramic coating applied to a vehicle, the protection gains strength, which extends lifespan, and keeps the raw materials underneath in mint condition for years.

To ensure 1 coat bonds with the vehicle’s paint, our certified network of installers will complete paint correction, or ensure the paintwork is 100 percent free of wax, swirl marks, minor scratches, any sealant, and possess a surface tension that ensures a strong bond.

Several nano coatings are a 1 layer application, meaning you place the liquid on an applicator cloth, and apply and buff off. Ceramic Pro 9H includes a proprietary top coat, which amplifies the hydrophobic properties – keeping your vehicle’s paint super slippery, beading water, and reducing the stick-ability of bird droppings, bug splatters, tree sap, brake dust, industrial fallout, and more.

Ceramic Pro 9H serves multiple industries including:

Our 9H Ceramic Coating Benefits

Ceramic Pro 9H forms a permanent bond with the surface of your vehicle and will not wash off or break down. It is a highly-durable protective coating that protects your paint and can be applied in multiple layers. This 9H hardness ceramic coat is:

  • Scratch Resistance (Above 9H)
  • Super Hydrophobic Effect
  • UV Resistance & Weather Benefits
  • Thermal Resistance (up to 1200°C)
  • Anti-Graffiti Resistance
  • Advanced Chemical Resistance
  • Corrosion & Oxidation Resistant
  • Produces a High Gloss Finish

Ceramic Pro Top Coat 

We mentioned the Top Coat product above. It’s essentially the whipped cream, nuts, and the cherry on top of the Ceramic Pro 9H sundae. It’s a scientifically formulated liquid that amplifies the hydrophobic effect within Ceramic Pro 9H.

It’s the final step in the application of our 9H nano coating, that allows water to bead, reduces bug guts and bird crap from sticking, and keeps the vehicle finish cleaner – for longer periods. While Top Coat can be applied as a stand-alone product, it’s recommended and designed for use with 9H ceramic coating.

Ceramic Pro Rain

Protection for your windshield and side glass is provided through Ceramic Pro Rain, a special blend of SiO2 and TiO2 designed specifically for ultra-smooth, yet porous automotive glass. It’s included with all three Ceramic Pro 9H packages, the Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

This ceramic pro glass shield repels rain, which improves visibility during severe weather. It’s a specially formulated glass coating, which lasts and performs better than all-in-one solutions.

Ceramic Pro Sport

Maintenance is a crucial component that extends the lifespan of any protective coating. This is the task of Ceramic Pro Sport, a spray on solution designed to refresh and enhance the existing coated surface to restore UV resistance and hydrophobic properties. Like Top Coat, it can be used as a standalone coating, that can hold up for six to 12 months.

Ceramic Pro Strong

Our industrial partners require a ceramic coat solution that is stronger and can withstand higher temperature up to 2200-degrees F and exposure to severe elements. Ceramic Pro strong is the industrial solution that’s designed for painted surfaces.

It’s formulated for superior protective qualities vs amplifying the finish. This not only protects metallic products for exposure to harsh elements, but extends the lifespan of the industrial product, which saves corporations to small commercial businesses money and resources.

Ceramic Pro CARE

When you’ve invested in a professional ceramic coating for cars, you want to protect that shield of protection. This is the job of Ceramic Pro CARE, a water-activated Ceramic Boost Spray that can be applied to any material using our nano ceramic coatings. It can be used as a drying aid, quick detail spray, or protective enhancement.

What is KAVACA Paint Protection Film?

How up to date are you with translating ancient Sanskrit? Well, for those perhaps not majoring in ancient dead languages, the word KAVACA translates as Armor in the primary liturgical language of Hinduism. And quite frankly, it truly describes the power of this revolutionary PPF.

Kavaca is an instant healing paint protection film. It is superhydrophobic and non-yellowing properties. It has been developed for automotive industry for paint protection, but due to its outstanding quality can be used in any sphere that requires PPF installation.

The our nano coating applied to the Kavaca PPF increases overall surface protection and aids in keeping the film clean and stain-free.

How Do Ceramic Pro Coatings Compare with DIY Ceramic Coatings?

Comparing a professional grade ceramic coat vs a DIY product simply isn’t fair. One is formulated for superior and long-lasting protection, that are only applied by experienced detailers in a controlled environment. The other (DIY coatings) are essentially watered-down coatings that are easier for the average car enthusiast to apply themselves.

Another important difference between Ceramic Pro 9H coatings and DIY coats of ceramic are warranties or guarantees provided to customers. Each package is customized for clients based on the warranty or years of protection they seek for their individual vehicle. This flexibility allows a car owner to choose a package that fits their budget and needs.

For example, let’s say you’ve just purchased a new Tesla, and plan on keeping the vehicle for three years before trading it in for Elon’s latest creation. Our installers offers a Silver Package, that provides you with five years of protection, coatings on the paint clear coat, the windshield and front side windows, along with plastic trim and wheels.

As a consumer segment, DIY coatings do not offer warranties. Some will offer vague ‘expected longevity guarantees’ for a few years but trying to collect on those refunds can be tricky.

A professional nano coating simply lasts longer, provides a better return on investment, and the peace of mind with a documented warranty, exceptional support, and routine inspections to keep the coating strong.

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Our 1 layer 9H ceramic paint coating is exceptional at protecting the exterior of your valued car, truck, SUV, or off-road vehicle. Our ceramic nanoparticles penetrate the smallest pores. It’s a stronger and additional clear coat, that blocks UV rays.

Whether you opt for our Ceramic Pro Gold Package (which offers 4 layers of coating and a lifetime warranty), Ceramic Pro Silver Package, or Ceramic Pro Bronze Package, you’ll keep your cars painted surface protected from dirt, improve UV protection,

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