From professional grade interior and exterior products to cheap DIY all-in-one miracle coatings, the slew of car care solutions available to you can be flat out frustrating and confusion to choose. Fortunately, there are some companies like Ceramic Pro who offer a range of customized formulations that can offer a lifetime of protection – much more affordable than you’d think.

Ceramic Pro is a global leader in automotive and industrial surface protection solutions. From our flagship Ceramic Pro 9H nano ceramic coatings, to Kavaca Instant Healing paint protection film, if there is a surface that needs to be covered to reduce exposure to weather, environmental damage, or those pesky spills, we’ve got a solution.

So – if you’re looking for a proven paint protection or interior surface shield – it’s hard to beat the success rate of Ceramic Pro’s range of products. Let’s explore 5 reasons you need Ceramic Pro for your car, whether you’re a business looking to protect your investment, or an average Joe or Jane looking to keep your vehicle clean and shiny.

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#1 – Ceramic Pro Formulas Are Customized for Specific Materials

Contrary to what you might see in a YouTube.com video, or read on a third-party “independent” blog, there is no such thing as an effective all-in-one surface protection solution. Some less than ethical online businesses are starting to pop up, advertising that their spray on coating provides the “ultimate layer of protection on all vehicle surfaces.”

The problem is that scientifically – that’s just not possible. You see, different substrates or vehicle surfaces are designed with specific materials. Let’s take a cars interior for example. You can visit your local Lexus dealership and choose the same year, make, and model of vehicle with multiple trim levels. With each elevation in trim comes different interior materials such as cloth, leatherette, and genuine leather.

Each of these surfaces or substrates has a unique formulation. The surface protectant designed for these materials must be just as customized. For example, Ceramic Pro offers multiple formulations for interior protection. The leather coating is engineered to bond on top of this material, while the cloth or carpet coating bonds specifically to these substances.

The same thing applies to exterior products – but the margin or bonding to the surface is not as crucial as interior coatings. A ceramic coating like Ceramic Pro 9H works by filling microscopic imperfections that are found in all porous materials.

Whether it’s glass, clear coat of paint, plastic trim, headlight covers, chrome, or polished aluminum, every solid part on your vehicle has tiny peaks and valleys on the microscopic level. The ceramic coating uses nanotechnology to fill those imperfections, then leave a flat yet exceptionally durable and strong layer of protection.

The best ceramic coatings like Ceramic Pro 9H are customized for specific materials that are more/less porous than others. For example, glass is more porous than clear coating on paint. As such, to bond correction, the percentage of carrier solvents, SiO2 and TiO2 must be different for optimal protection.

This is the biggest difference between a professional-grade coating and DIY products. The DIY path might be able to “work” on multiple surfaces, but the quality or longevity of those products are less than desirable.

#2 – Ceramic Pro Produces a Superior Barrier of Protection

Since each formula is specifically engineered for unique substrates, the professionally-applied Ceramic Pro coatings produce a superior barrier of protection. On the outside of your ride, a Ceramic Pro protected vehicle will cure to a 9H hardness on each material covered. What does that mean?

9H is a rating on the pencil scale of hardness. It’s traditionally used to measure the hardness or the amount of ‘graphite’ that the pencil will apply to paper. However, it also is the scale in which ceramic coatings or liquid nano coatings will harden once it’s cured.

The scale goes from 0 to 9H – which essentially means that a substance is as hard as quartz or crystal. Therefore, you often hear the term quartz or glass coating associated with a ceramic nano coating.

Anyways – when the coating cures to this hardens, if forms a permanent layer of protection that produces a barrier against:

  • Water damage: While it’s a life giver – it’s also a shine killer. When your paint, plastic trim pieces, chrome, and other materials on your ride is exposed to water, traditional waxes or other less-durable products will slowly derogate to the point they start to dull the finish. Ceramic Pro 9H offers up to a lifetime of protection, blocking water from penetrating to the bare surface area – keeping the shine enhanced forever.
  • Marring resistance: Marring or light scratching is common on unprotected vehicle surfaces. By having a professional auto salon apply Ceramic Pro 9H, the factory finish will stay as fresh and protected as the day it rolled off the showroom floor.
  • No Corrosion or Oxidation: Rust is created through a process called corrosion. It starts when water, salt, or even oxygen is introduced to raw iron. When your car is scratched, or the clear coat begins to fade, it’s more likely that the base surface will begin to rust. A Ceramic Pro 9H coating holds up against exposure to these items, protecting the base materials on your car from developing rust.
  • UV Protection: Another leading cause of paint damage – specially of the clear coat, is constant bombardment of UV radiation produced by the sun. A 9H coating blocks these harmful UV rays from penetrating any items protected. Therefore, it’s important to apply Ceramic Pro 9H on your plastics, chrome, or other plated materials, along with your headlights, brake light covers, and other materials.

#3 – Ceramic Pro Provides Enhancement – Not Gloss

A common misunderstanding of how ceramic coatings work is that they produce gloss and shine. That’s not entirely accurate. When the coating cures, it essentially acts as a magnifying glass. As such, it amplifies the surface underneath the coating.

This means, if your vehicle has surface scratches, or what we call spider-webbing, the coating will highlight those – not cover them up. This is a major reason why we always have our auto salons recommend and complete paint correction – or polishing / buffing out surface damage before applying the coating to your ride.

On a matte finish, a ceramic coating will enhance the depth of that ‘flat’ appearance – not make it appear ‘glossy or shiny’. Based on the level or amount of coatings applied (we offer our customers packages based on longevity desired) – this enhancement or depth of the surface protected will become semi-permanent or for your vehicle’s lifespan.

#4 – Superior Protection for Your Car’s Interior

You’re headed to work, stop by your local drive-thru coffee shop for your morning cup of go-go juice, and some jack-wagon ahead of you slams on the brakes as you head down the road. That former hot cup of refreshing goodness is now spilled over your seats, the dash, and even that center console as you loudly utter your favorite “colorful metaphor”.

This is when you’ll benefit from having Ceramic Pro protecting the inside of your vehicle. A strong coating of interior-specific Ceramic Pro coatings will help to repel liquid, making clean-up simple while reducing the potential of staining.

It also helps to reduce aging or fading of interior materials like dashboards, seats, and interior door appointments. Ultimately, your interior will look and feel cleaner, which can extend the lifespan, and increase resale value.

Additionally, having a Ceramic Pro auto salon decontaminate your vehicles interior with Ceramic Pro TAG helps to reduce the spread of harmful bacteria and allergens. This is a huge benefit for the 70 million Americans that live with allergies, Asthma, and COPD – or anyone looking to improve the cabin air quality of their daily drivers.

#5 – Less Time Needed for Car Detailing

Arguably the best attribute of a nano ceramic coating like Ceramic Pro 9H is the user-friendly nature when it comes to washing, and detailing. When you have a professional auto salon apply this coating to your car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, or commercial / off road equipment, it helps to keep dust, sticky debris like bird droppings, bug splatters, tar, and tree sap from embedding onto your surface.

Water repels due to the super hydrophobic effects, which is extremely helpful during heavy rainstorms when Ceramic Pro Rain is applied to your windows and front windshield. You’ll simply use your wiper blades less – which can extend their life-expectancy as well.

After a ceramic coating has been applied – the days of waxing your car are done. You’ll save time – as washing the coated vehicle is quick, simple, and effective. You’ll no longer need to invest in car wax, paint sealants, or special cleaners to get those bug guts off the front end.

Taking the extra step to apply Ceramic Pro Kavaca Paint Protection Film will block small rocks, tree branches and other hard road debris from striking your paint – which reduces damage to expensive paint jobs like a matte finish for example. Adding a layer of Ceramic Pro 9H on top of Kavaca gives you the Ultimate Shield of Protection.

Breaking it All Down

As you can clearly see – Ceramic Pro offers a protection solution for nearly every exterior and interior part on your vehicle. From protecting your cars paint from UV exposure, to providing an ultra-strong coating for windshields, vinyl and PPF, or your interior seats and other surfaces, Ceramic Pro offers the ultimate protection against daily contaminants and damaging substances.

If you’re looking for a honest one-stop-shop using customized solutions to protect your valued ride from damage, maintain it’s factory paint job, or make those annoying early morning coffee spills simple to clean-up, click the button below to locate a Ceramic Pro auto salon near you.